ABS-CBN Pulls Down Interviewee’s YouTube Clip. And Her Little Dog, Too.


YouTube just launched a video identification system that gives copyright holders a choice: either automatically block their videos, or automatically profit from them. It’s an IQ test.

Unfortunately, Philippine TV network ABS-CBN is too dumb to even take that IQ test.

Filipino blogger Jepoy Bengero had his aunt and her dog interviewed on an ABS-CBN show last year. He uploaded a blurry phonecam clip of interview to YouTube at his aunt’s request. One year later, ABS-CBN has it pulled down.

The lesson here: don’t ever work with ABS-CBN. TV dinosaurs act like they own you. They let some dumb intern issue frivolous takedown notices based on nothing but badly-constructed keyword searches — without any regard for interviewees, fair use, context, or even accuracy.

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