Life-Size Gundam Moves

The life-size RX-78 Gundam replica in Odaiba looks awesome in pictures, but it looks even more awesome in motion. Here it is showing off its lights, mist machines, sound effects, and head movements.

It’s not flying around yet, but there’s still time for Japanese engineers to work on that. The Gundam Big Expo convention starts on August 21st.

Life-Size Gundam Replica Complete

A life-size, eighteen-meter replica of Japanese anime’s iconic sci-fi military robot, the RX-78 Gundam, is scheduled for public display in Odaiba‚Äôs Shiokaze Park next month.

You can always count on hardworking Japanese engineers to get things done ahead of schedule. The Gundam is complete. Now all we need is a Newtype kid to fall into the cockpit. Click here to continue reading “Life-Size Gundam Replica Complete”…