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Thanks to my good friend Professor Marjo Villarosa for the opportunity to speak with her students about online media at the Mapua Institute of Technology yesterday. Here are the videos we screened during our talk. Click here to continue reading “MIT Media Talk Videos”…

PLDT Adding ISP Charges?

Philippine Internet connections are going down like broken carnival rides, so people here aren’t in a Holiday mood when it comes to their ISPs. That’s why I take serious notice when Abe Olandres points out a new extra charge PLDT will place on its already ridiculously expensive connectivity service.

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) has said it will start charging fees for data transmission using its basic telephone landlines.

Through what it calls the alternate voice data line (AVD), subscribers who use the same basic telephone line for voice calls and data transmission will be required to connect a special data or voice access device to the basic telephone line.

PLDT said the service will provide a secure means to automatically process and authorize credit card transactions, real-time. One common use for AVD is credit card verification for business subscribers.

I don’t care if PLDT uses FUD to sell this useless security snake oil to gullible n00b retailers — but if this appears on my DSL bill just once, I will lose what little patience I have left for this telco giant. They will lose a long-time customer. I will be gone, sayonara-bye-bye. I will take my business elsewhere, and I will make sure all of you know it.