What Does Your Server Look Like?

IBM System x3550

Have you ever wondered what your site looks like in physical form? I have. That’s why I found a naked product shot of the server hosting this blog, an IBM System x3550.

From somewhere in that maze of circuitry, comes this post you’re reading right now. What does your server look like?

(Photo by dontthink.feel. BY-NC-ND.)

Microsoft: Be Funny, But Sell Something

Now that Microsoft is dropping their utterly pointless Seinfeld ads, perhaps they can learn to make a point while still being funny. Pointlessness may be the hallmark of Seinfeld’s humor, but advertising shouldn’t be pointless, and humor doesn’t have to be pointless. Take for instance the Mac switch ad parodies by TrueNuff. They make me glad I’m not a Mac fanboy.

That takes care of the consumer market. What about the enterprise market, where Microsoft has a huge stake? You can use pointed humor there, too. For years, IBM ads have made enterprise computing hilarious. Click here to continue reading “Microsoft: Be Funny, But Sell Something”…