Hinge Inquirer Publications Seeks Blog Administrator

Hinge Inquirer PublicationsKevin Codamon is a cool guy who actually knows what he’s doing — a fantastic rarity in Philippine media. That’s why I’m reposting his requirement for a blog administrator.

Hinge Inquirer Publications, the philippines’ leading niche publications company, is looking for a Blog Administrator. This is a fulltime position. Responsibilities would include but not limited to: WordPress administration, plugin management, theme management, and content distribution for multiple blogs including m-ph.com and gamemagazine.ph.

Requirements: Must have experience in administration of a wordpress blog, installation of plugins and themes, and passionate about blogging in general.

Hinge Inquirer Publications Gets on YouTube

Welcome to the YouTube Nation, Hinge Inquirer Publications! The publisher of PC Magazine Philippines, Mobile Philippines, and Game! Magazine now sports a shiny new YouTube Director account. Check out their interview of Mobile Philippines January cover girl Ornusa Cadness, plus their promo for the Philippine Online Gaming Summit.

Now if only Philippine TV networks and game publishers would get a clue.

(Via Kevin Codamon.)