Greg Ho

Animax Presscon Features Cosplayers

Cosplayers On Stage

Animax Asia General Manager Gregory Ho is one of the most clued-in TV executives I’ve ever met. Unlike many people in mass media, he doesn’t think of his audience as buckets of passive eyeballs. He understands that, in today’s highly competitive media landscape, engagement is the name of the game.

Few displays of content engagement are more powerful than putting on an outlandish costume and becoming a fictional character in public. This is the emerging performance art called cosplay. Let’s face it: if you’re running around wearing a freaky costume acting like a cartoon character, for any reason whatsoever, you’re engaging pretty deeply with the content.

That’s why when Greg presented his anime cable channel’s 2010 lineup at a press conference last week, he brought in cosplayers to demonstrate this ultimate form of content engagement. Click here to continue reading “Animax Presscon Features Cosplayers”…