Living on the Edges

Live on the Edges or Not at All

Hugh MacLeod posts a great series of thoughts about living on the edges — and no, it’s not just about living like a rock star.

…there are other edges out there. Plenty of them. Apple obsessing about industrial design. Dell obsessing about their customers. Microsoft obsessing about software problems that may not even exist yet. Though their business models are all quite different, they’re quite edgy about what they do as individual companies. And this is PRECISELY what made them so successful- the edge part, not the middle part.

Are you living on the edges?

Facebook Ads Will Spam Your Friends

Mark Zuckerberg

Hugh MacLeod pretty much sums up how I feel about Facebook’s new “social ad platform“. I have no intention of giving out free product endorsements unless I actually feel like it. Facebook merely railroading my personal choice is not worth fifteen billion dollars. If I really, really want to bet my reputation on a product by telling you to buy it, I’ll take the time to blog it.

If Mark Zuckerberg thinks people will somehow feel “cooler” by spamming their friends, he’s deluded. When product recommendation engines work using aggregate data, they’re helpful. When product recommendations come as unauthorized personal endorsements, they’re exploitative.