Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corp. Partners with Avon

Either some young marketing guy has trolled his bosses big time, or we’re all in for a zombie apocalypse. Avon’s new Derma-Full serum looks eerily similar to something out of Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation. Just compare the ad for Derma-Full with the trailer for Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and prepare to stock up on guns and green herbs. Click here to continue reading “Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corp. Partners with Avon”…

Dr. Phil Calls a Filipina Teenager

In the wake of the Citibank call center scandal, let’s hear a more lighthearted call from Dr. Phil — or rather, a soundboard prank call from Dr. Phil. Even when faced with the pressures of single working teenage motherhood, this fine young Filipina agent is both professional and congenial in dealing with a pointless call from the quack doctor.