Open Music Collaboration on YouTube

Stories like this make me marvel at the remix culture enabled by social media.

This is an interesting evolution. Mia Rose is a guitarist-singer who’s performed songs that have taken off on YouTube. Her latest video has 419,129 views. A drummer that she doesn’t even know adds his drum track on top of her singing, then a bass player adds his. You can witness this evolution happen on all the embedded videos here.

Social media is letting the world connect and share and create wonderful things never before possible (and yes, all without a record label).

Mia Rose – Husband to Be
Mia Rose with Ervey on drums – Husband to Be
Mia Rose with Ervey on drums and Tom Engelhardt on bass – Husband to Be

Conversations occur in many languages. This is just another example of how the web is bringing a musical conversation to life. This is beautiful!

When independent musicians can record on PCs, collaborate online, sell downloads, and hit the Top 40, who needs record labels?