GMA to Destroy Shaider

Philippine TV network GMA is about to make their own version of the tokusatsu classic Shaider. The genius director they’ve chosen for the job? Dominic Zapata, the same guy who ripped off Sailormoon and denied it. The show will replace GMA’s short-lived Indiana Jones/Lara Croft double ripoff Asian Treasures.

Oh yeah, all this rehashing and bastardization will definitely save GMA’s falling profits.

Super Twins Director Denies Sailormoon Ripoff

Dominic Zapata, director of GMA’s Sailormoon ripoff Super Twins, deserves a medal from me. People like him accelerate the fall of Philippine TV, much to my delight as a Filipino YouTuber.

Super Twins

Prior to the start of series, many have been pointing out that Super Twins is a rip-off of anime series such as Sailor Moon and Amazing Twins. The show’s director, Dominic Zapata, cleared things out by saying, “If you find similarities, it is outright coincidental. Hindi po ako nakakapanood ng Sailor Moon and Amazing Twins.”

He sure “cleared things out”, alright — like a hot stinking fart clears out a room. Oh, and Amazing Twins is a live-action Mandarin series, not a Japanese anime.

“Sabi ng lawyer, you shouldn’t have access to these things. It’s not something na nagawa na dati-[it has] a new story, nice drama and solid characters.”

So a Philippine TV director needs a lawyer to assure him he “shouldn’t have access” to Sailormoon, one of the most popular anime in Philippine TV history? I don’t know who’s dumber: the director or the lawyer.

I hope these Philippine TV dinosaurs never learn that they can’t lie to a connected population. That way, their constant bumbling will provide us hours of amusement before the growth of the Philippine Internet crushes them.

(Via Jepoy Bengero.)