Danny Choo

Danny Choo Blogs Alodia

Danny Choo Blogs Alodia

I figured this would happen, but not so soon. Filipina cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao just caught the attention of top otaku culture blogger Danny Choo.

You may remember Danny as the Tokyo Dance Trooper who graced Steve Chen’s YouTube Mix party. He quit Microsoft last year to form his own social media startup. He’s the Scoble of Japan.

Danny discovered Alodia through one of his readers who attended ToyCon 2008 in the Philippines, where Alodia was mobbed by fans. Hooray for the psychographic serendipity of the blogosphere. A global microbrand is born.

Tokyo Dance Trooper!

He isn’t the world’s top English otaku blogger for nothing. Danny Choo dances as a Star Wars stormtrooper on his way to a YouTube party in Tokyo.