iPhone Girl Should Be Chinese Ellen Feiss

iPhone Chinese Girl

Between Chinese labor practices and Steve Jobs’ perfectionist whitewashing, this girl will probably lose her job. Let’s help her out and give her fifteen megabytes of fame. A new iPhone shipped to the UK comes with adorable photos of the Chinese girl who made it.

If Apple PR is smart, they’ll spin this into a humanizing positive — sort of a Chinese Ellen Feiss. Unfortunately, Apple PR isn’t very smart.

Naomi Cheung Plays Guild Wars

Naomi Cheung

After Maria Ozawa, I just spotted another hot Asian babe who plays Guild Wars: Chinese-Japanese model Naomi Cheung. She has over fourteen characters. Here are four of them — an assassin, a mesmer, a ranger, and a ritualist — posted on her MySpace profile:

Naomi Cheung’s Guild Wars Characters

Here she is line-dancing in-game, second from the right:

Naomi Cheung Dancing in Guild Wars

She’s also looking to do an in-game dance video. Hey, Naomi, I’m game. Send me your in-game name so I can hook you up with one of my female characters.

Now I have even less reason to switch to WoW. As if she weren’t geeky enough, Naomi enjoys anime too. She’s even considering cosplay.

(Photo via Import Creation.)