Carlo Ople

Google Thinks I’m Someone Else

Google Search Result

PR guru Steve Rubel notes that Google now includes thumbnails for WordPress blogs in search results. That’s great, except for one thing: Google thinks I’m Filipino gaming manager Carlo Ople.

I blog about the guy twice, and I become him. Talk about identity theft. Carlo’s not alone — Google also thinks a lot of people are tech blogger Allen Stern.

I blog about Filipina cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao a lot more than I blog about Carlo. If Google’s image matching algorithms are going to mistake me for someone else, why couldn’t Alodia appear in my search result thumbnail? No offense to Carlo, but Alodia’s a lot prettier.

Happy Birthday Carlo Ople!

Carlo Ople is the first Level Up employee blogger to whom I subscribed via RSS. Before Carlo came on to the scene, Level Up employee blogging was pretty much a nightmare. The company’s been getting smarter ever since. Happy birthday, GM Wauks!

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