An Open Letter to Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang

Yahoo CEO Jerry YangJerry Yang
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Jerry,

I’m all for an independent Yahoo. Google rules search and advertising, but Yahoo still has an awesome portal and great APIs. I cheered when you retook the company you created, unseating Hollywood dinosaur Terry Semel as CEO. I cheered when you fought off Microsoft’s hostile takeover bid earlier this year by forging an alliance with Google.

That’s why I’m shocked to hear you claim you wanted to sell Yahoo to Microsoft all along. Excuse me? You fought tooth and nail for Yahoo’s independence, despite widespread derision from the tech media. Now that your stock price is down, your team is bleeding talent, and Papa Google won’t back you up, here you are backpedaling on everything you fought for, everything you made people believe in. Click here to continue reading “An Open Letter to Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang”…

Startup Survival Matrix

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Low burn rate and long runway put you in the upper right quadrant — you’ll probably make it to profitability. Short runway but low burn rate put you in the upper left quadrant — you’re small enough for investors to keep funding you. Click here to continue reading “Startup Survival Matrix”…

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