Goodbye Jeremy Wright

Jeremy WrightI’ve written before about the craven cowardice of Jeremy Wright, founder of the b5media blog network. As expected, with cowardice comes misery. Realizing that his life was spiraling down the toilet, Jeremy has stepped down as CEO of b5media.

As a former top ten tech blogger for b5media, I cannot reveal the details of my dealings with this coward. Let’s just say that I am very, very, very happy for the entire online media industry today. Good riddance to the man who reduced a hard-hitting, far-reaching blog network to a handful of fluff-piece sweatshop splogs.

(Photo by Randy Stewart.)

Alodia Among Most Influential Filipinas

Alodia in Uno Magazine

As otaku rise in influence across Philippine society, so does the queen of Philippine otaku. Uno Magazine has named Filipina gamer-blogger-cosplayer idol Alodia Gosiengfiao as one of the most influential women in the Philippines.

To give you an idea of Uno’s standards of influence for this list, Alodia’s on the same page as former Philippine president and Time 1986 Woman of the Year Corazon Aquino. Welcome to the new geek nation.

(Photo by Tricia Gosingtian.)