Filipina Models Blogging

As Alodia Gosiengfiao and Shoko Nakagawa have proven, blogging is good for your modeling career. That’s why these girls are on the right track.

Check out UrFame, a group of Filipina models blogging on WordPress and photoblogging on Flickr.

We are a group of models from the Philippines who believe in group communication and whose photographic projects you see here are self-contained.

We photograph each other and do our own hairstyles and make-up applications. We use the principle of group consensus to decide what kinds of photographic styles we use, and about details of the individual photographs we take and display.

Self-published babes rock. They should videoblog on YouTube, too. They could even become Filipino YouTube Directors.

Canadian Anime Mag Seeks Filipina Cover Girl

Japanese anime is huge in the Philippines, and so is its accompanying otaku culture. Even anime cosplay is rapidly entering Filipino mainstream culture. That’s why Canadian anime lifestyle magazine Anime Iku seeks a Filipina anime otaku for their next cover girl. They’ll even fly a trained fashion photographer to the Philippines to give her a professional photoshoot.

Anime Iku

Editor Michael Chan sent me a copy of their maiden issue, featuring everything from cosplay girl group Objective: Free Fantasy to a mouse cosplaying Pikachu. Classy, crazy, and cool — just the way I like it. I can’t wait to see a Filipina on the cover.