Haruhi Endless Eight AMV

Now I understand why The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya just tortured viewers with eight nauseatingly repetitive episodes of the Endless Eight arc, at the extreme risk of alienating newcomers and infuriating fans. It’s the sort of epic trolling that provides powerful mashup material — in this case, four whole hours of material.

The first season of the show provided tons of memefuel for remixers. With Endless Eight, Kyoto Animation is betting the whole series on remix culture.

Check out this anime music video featuring clips from the arc, set to the Barenaked Ladies’ incredibly fitting tune It’s All Been Done.

Death Note: Farewell to L

His sacrifice was already foretold in writing. He agonized alone before his betrayer came for him. He even dried the feet of the one who would betray him. This Lenten Season, the anime community mourns the loss of its beloved son: L Lawliet from Death Note.

Part of me is still in shock. I just cosplayed the guy at the Internet Cafe Congress last month.

Goodbye, gentle genius. Justice will prevail.

(I posted another tribute to L at Anime Mashups.)