Wassup Obama?

Wassup Obama?The 2008 US Presidential election will be the YouTube election. Parody is always hot on YouTube. That’s why this Obama campaign ad, poignantly parodying Budweiser’s classic Wassup ad from eight years ago, is a stroke of pure genius.

This hilarious yet heartwarming spoof has racked up over two million views in its first five days. Fully leveraging the shortform nature of viral video, the ad concisely strikes at multiple hot button issues in a span of just two minutes.

If Obama can run his country as cluefully as he runs his campaign, perhaps America can relax enough to watch a game and have a Bud again. Click here to continue reading “Wassup Obama?”…

Obama Campaigns on Xbox 360

Obama in Burnout ParadiseProps to the Obama campaign for knowing where media is going. Senator Barack Obama appears on a campaign billboard in the Electronic Arts racing game Burnout Paradise for the Xbox 360.

Google launched AdSense for Games last week, and now Obama’s putting political ads in virtual worlds. Game advertising has truly come into its own.