Obama Says Internet Will Save America

Every percentage point increase in broadband adoption creates 220,000 jobs. US President-Elect Barack Obama clearly understands that correlation. In his video address this weekend, Obama reveals that his economic recovery plan involves raising broadband penetration. Since his plan aims to create 2.5 million jobs, he’s probably targeting a twelve percent increase in broadband adoption.

If Obama can convince Congress that the Internet will help save America from recession, then I can’t wait for Inauguration Day.

(Via Lidija Davis.)

Governments Must Bail Out Tech

MoneyAs the recession rolls on, the United States government is handing multibillion-dollar bailouts to sunset industries whose mistakes got us into this mess in the first place. First they bail out banks whose executives just party with the money, even as PayPal reports a 27% jump on Cyber Monday. Now they bail out carmakers who refuse to go electric, even as Tesla ships high-performance electric sports cars.

The British, on the other hand, have the right idea: Click here to continue reading “Governments Must Bail Out Tech”…