Obama’s Inauguration Live

US President Barack Obama started his campaign with an online video. His fans campaigned through online video. He announced his victory through online video. He addresses the nation weekly through online video. Now his inauguration comes to you live through online video.

US Air Force Blog Assessment Chart

US Air Force Blog Assessment Chart

While the US Air Force prepares for infrastructural cyberwarfare with their Cyber Command, they also prepare for informational cyberwarfare with their Emerging Technology Division. That division has drafted a blog assessment chart showing when and how to comment on blog entries.

Yes, you read that right: the Air Force has drawn up rules of engagement for the blogosphere. These guys know the Internet is serious business.

I recommend this handy flowchart to anyone who’s taking a blogospheric beating. The responses it prescribes are far more rational than the excuses and insults most people spout when targeted by angry bloggers.

(Via Joey deVilla.)