AdSense for Games

AdSense for Games appears in Wordplay, a casual Web-based game by PlayFish.

Web advertising exploded when AdSense unleashed its contextual Long Tail in 2003. Five years later, the same thing could happen to game advertising, now that Google has launched AdSense for Games. Click here to continue reading “AdSense for Games”…

Google Buys Gamevertising Startup Adscape

Coming soon: in-game AdSense. After Microsoft bought gamevertising company Massive last year, I figured it wouldn’t be long before Google followed suit.

Following a Wall Street Journal report that surfaced late last month, industry sources have confirmed that Google has indeed entered the in-game advertising space. According to business publication Red Herring, Google has reached an agreement to purchase Adscape Media for a cool $23 million.

Adscape, a company that officially launched in February of last year, hasn’t firmly established its position in the in-game advertising market and the company has not gotten the kind of attention that Massive, IGA or Double Fusion have received, but what Adscape does give Google is some interesting technology patents. And with Google’s vast resources, the company could no doubt leverage the in-game ad tech to eventually gain a solid foothold in the space.

William Slawski lists those interesting technology patents here. Adscape’s lack of existing advertiser relationships shouldn’t be a problem, thanks to AdWords’ massive roster of advertisers. Since we’re at the start of an online advertising boom right now, expect to see more free ad-supported games in the years to come.

Despite having the biggest game portal among the Big Three, Yahoo is running late to the gamevertising game. Google’s purchase should be a wake-up call to them.