Alodia Endorses Globe Mobile Broadband

Marketers and producers, take note: you do not maximize a geek idol by toning down her weirdness to stuff her into some cookie-cutter mainstream mold. That sort of intellectual laziness turns potentially game-changing black swans into commodified poultry. That sort of intellectual laziness would have turned Shoko Nakagawa into just another bikini idol.

The best way to maximize a geek idol is by playing up the very weirdness that makes her unique. Click here to continue reading “Alodia Endorses Globe Mobile Broadband”…

Interview with Danny Choo of Culture:Japan

Japan-based geek culture blogger Danny Choo is living proof that a niche personal blog can become a thriving multimedia empire. With as his primary platform, he’s branched out into everything from anime production to book publishing to toy manufacturing. His blog’s mascot is one of the top-selling figurines on Amazon Japan.

Danny even hosts a zany documentary series on Japanese pop culture entitled Culture:Japan. With one whole season aired so far on Tokyo MX TV, Culture:Japan is now set to conquer Southeast Asia through Animax.

I recently got to chat with Danny about Culture:Japan’s content direction as it debuts to non-Japanese audiences. From cosplay girls to ninja training, here’s what Japan’s king of geeks has in store for international viewers. Click here to continue reading “Interview with Danny Choo of Culture:Japan”…