Alodia Returns to Cosplay as Haruhi

Alodia cosplays the reality-warping schoolgirl Haruhi Suzumiya from the hit anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.Click here to continue reading "Alodia Returns to Cosplay as Haruhi"...

Alodia Returns to Cosplay as Haruhi

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20 Comments (with 5 Conversations) on “Alodia Returns to Cosplay as Haruhi”
  1. Liezl says:

    Kawaiii! 🙂 Forget about what Alodia posted on her wall about incognito voting. 😀

  2. Erwin Castro says:

    What a great site you have here Mike! I’m glad to have you as my FB friend.

  3. krish says:

    i also love .. HARUHI

  4. Angel says:

    Ohh!!! Youre so kawaiiii Alodia your my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Angel says:

    Alodia, your so kawaiiii your so cool, your so hot, your my idol Alodia!!! muah!!!

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