Alodia Quits Cosplay

The otaku community is shocked to hear that cosplay goddess Alodia is quitting cosplay.Click here to continue reading "Alodia Quits Cosplay"...

Alodia Quits Cosplay

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27 Comments (with 5 Conversations) on “Alodia Quits Cosplay”
  1. raginginferno says:

    @ABNOYNOY ABUNDO: Punyemas alam mo palang iiyak ka nag sulat ka pa ng ganyan palibasa isa ka rin sa MGA PUNYEMAS NA FAPKNIGHTS!!

  2. Nicholas says:

    Mjolnir: The content of this site is basically about Alodia because Mike earns off her name. When Alodia vanishes, you can be sure that Mike will look for the next scantily clad fanboy’s fapfantasy geekgurl to replace her. Preferably a bustier, jailbait chick who draws in throngs of the ronery gai wit grasses crowd.

    The sad thing is, there’s so many of them around, and so many get lured by the prospect of making friends, connections, and even fame.

    Also, regarding to these “Serious Cosplayers.” So, being someone else is your life?

    I’m a geek myself, I’m an “artist”, but seriously, if you take cosplaying SOLELY as your life you’re either a potential secret agent or a person with an identity crisis and A LOT insecurities.

    Since many of you are either unfit, or quite fit but too young to be recruited, I take it most of you belong to the latter. Besides the CIA, KGB and Mossad will just chew you up, rape you and spit you out in no particular order.

    REAL cosplayers cosplay for fun, and have NO dependence on someone to look up to. They can admire others, but they don’t panic at the loss of their “idols”. They don’t need anyone to pave the way for them, to make them “acceptable” in the eyes of society. They PROUDLY accept they are strange, queer, odd, and bear the stigma without shame. They also cosplay because they enjoy the art of crafting their own costumes, and the art of acting like someone else.

    Check out Russia’s Lena. She puts her sweat, blood and tears and hard-earned cash into crafting her costumes. Her selection of characters is also wide, not just limited to moe-pretty-pretty animu crap most of you local kids churn out these days. Also, Lena doesn’t try to be pretty, she works with what features she has and pulls it off with character.

    And, seriously, the reason why I get turned off by many weeaboo girls these days is they imitate that annoying moe voice thinking it’s cute, but honestly if you’re not in costume, there’s no event, don’t do that. You look retarded, not cute.
    (Hell, by the meer fact you chicks cosplay all these ditzy cute fapdolls is already a sign of retardation. Why not cosplay strong, no nonsense girls like Nausicaa, perhaps? Oh yes, my age is showing, but real class knows no time period.)

    And to cosplayer guys, what you think acting all emo, pretty and shit, and trying to lose 100 pounds will do you good in the long run? It might if you start hanging out in Quezon Avenue at night. I heard you can earn 1K a pop.

    That aside, most of you reading this are geeks, geek-posers, conyos, jejemons, pedophiles, jologs, retards, etc. Ask yourself this. IF she were to leave, and this weren’t some April Fools prank, could you still go on? Or would you all just keel over and act as if your families were all slaughtered by the Joker?

    Also ask yourselves this: “Ok, I can cosplay. THAT MUST BE A SIGN I HAVE OTHER TALENTS I CAN RELY ON BESIDES HAVING AN IDENTITY CRISIS!!! Can I sew? Can I draw (and yes, most of you, do)? Maybe I can enter theatre! HELL MAYBE I CAN BE AN AWESOME MALE GIGGOLO!!!”

    And of course, to the jailbait fans of Alodia reading this, as well as young female cosplayers in general; regardless if you’re hot or not, ask yourselves this: “Is it worth acting like a ditzy dumbass chick with huge knockers and a termite voice just to get attention?”

    There’s much more awesomeness in wanting to be something with what you have than wanting to be Japanese. The Japanese don’t even act as retarded as their own characters for crying out loud.

    You choose the craft, learn to bear the social burden.

  3. Mike Abundo says:

    What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say? There should have been some kind of hint in what Alodia said. But what was it? What has she been saying?

    It’s no use. I don’t know.

  4. Alodia San says:

    Pustahan tayo kasama to sa April Fools Day. Hahaha! Dami iyakin.

  5. Raze says:

    Also, can some of you people type NORMALLY? Fuck, tangina kahit taglish na mali mali grammar pwede ko pa tiisin pero lahat ng words shortcut… balik nga kayo grade 1.

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