Alodia Quits Cosplay

The otaku community is shocked to hear that cosplay goddess Alodia is quitting cosplay.Click here to continue reading "Alodia Quits Cosplay"...

Alodia Quits Cosplay

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27 Comments (with 5 Conversations) on “Alodia Quits Cosplay”
  1. Ako Rin Si Otep says:

    It’s her choice. Ganyan talaga. Leave her be. I’m actually glad that she did a reality check. It’s for her own good. Put yourself in her shoes. I’m pretty sure you’ll understand why she decided to quit.

    One has to realize, COSPLAY is just a mere hobby, only just an instrument of escapism. Imagine yourself writing your resume and you wrote the term COSPLAY GOD / GODDESS in one of your job experiences… I can clearly imagine how’ll the interviewer will laugh at you… I’m sure Alodia also thought of that scenario.

    So, one advice:

    Gain some. Lose some. Deal with it.

  2. VaderBomb says:

    Good Bye Alodia! Go ahead and just study! Better for your future…

    BUT, Still Philippine Cosplayers can survive without you.. Sad to say and just my 2cents na parang its like PR ang nasa likod nitong pagpapaalam. Darn, parang minamaliit nyo ang ibang cosplayers… nakakairita.. again just my 2cents….

    nakakagigil kasi tong post na to…

    ?”Alodia quitting cosplay brings back painful memories of the early days of Philippine cosplay, when struggling cosplayers would quit under the pressures of surviving in a self-destructively isolationist and oligarchic industry. If we let her go now, we’ll end up repeating the last ten years again.”


  3. princezs 05 says:

    sad to know ..!!! did ate alodia already quit cosplaying ..??

  4. CORRA says:

    Leave her alone you stalker freak. It’s her choice to study again. Cosplay will continue to grow with or without her, I mean look at the new breed of cosplayers nowadays, aren’t you happy that Ms. Gosiengfiao started all that.

  5. Mjolnir_CORE says:

    Is it just me or is that the content of this site is all about ALODIA?

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