Alodia Quits Cosplay

The otaku community is shocked to hear that cosplay goddess Alodia is quitting cosplay.Click here to continue reading "Alodia Quits Cosplay"...

Alodia Quits Cosplay

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27 Comments (with 5 Conversations) on “Alodia Quits Cosplay”
  1. Nicholas says:

    Look, Mike. If the cosplay community can’t go on without her, then all of you retards are weak. Hasn’t she already done enough? You geeks claim to be different from the “old conservative culture” when you’re not. YOU’RE ALL THE SAME, BUT MINDLESS FANATICS NONETHELESS!!!!

    All you weeaboos learning to speak japanese because anime told you so doesn’t make you any different from people who like April Boys or even movies where in they break into song and dance on the beach.

    That’s the problem with most of us Filipinos. We make gods because they inspire us, and when they vanish, what, we get lost? Is that how pathetic we all are? Is that how pathetic the current “community” is?

    Haters and fanatics are just two sides of the same coin: retarded. They make claims that “oh no, I’m cooler than that, yack, so baduy,” but in reality, you’re all followers!

    You’re a super fan, you waste time trying to be someone else, admiring them when you could work with what you already have.

    You’re a hater, you waste time feeling angry, mad when you could be doing something more productive.

    You follow someone else all the time, you won’t be able to lead your own life.

    So yeah. The girl wants to study, let her. If you get lost without her, then all you people are are just sheep. Sheep without a shepherd. And THAT is an all new low.

    Generally Filipinos should stop depending on gods and become gods themselves.

  2. No name says:

    Ang lutong nun Nicholas. *Clap clap clap*

  3. Semidoppel says:

    Oh my, that is sad to know. nakita ko lang sya ng personal nung 2009 sa Toycon, simula nun crush ko yan. Hay so sad

  4. Gian Marco Bercasio says:

    Nicholas was true to that point, but let’s face it, the current society right now is still that of a post-Spanish regime even the present day being applied to all of us.

    Alodia too is no stranger to intrigues and controversy because of her going to showbiz. I hate to admit, but it’s all said and done, instead of bashing her back and forth just give her a deserving round of applause for what she have done for the past 7 or almost 8 years in cosplay, but in reality that we are not getting young we’re growing old.

    It was a good decision by her, and to be honest this article is a true genuine article.

    What about her sister Ashley? we haven’t talked about it being the next Cosplay Goddess next in line to her famous big sis. But, I’m afraid that she too will decide if she wants to continue her sisters legacy or the whole cosplay community will be left to dust.

    Anime conventions will not be as fun as the cosplay goddess is not around. No more photographers will lining up to the entrances, few cosplayers will be attending, and the worst part is the popularity of cosplay will suffer.

    As the curtain closes, so as her cosplaying.

    • You’re right anime conventions will not be as fun without Alodia but then I believe that there will be lots of people who will still attend cosplay conventions because people come to conventions to enjoy cosplay. I live in Cebu and Alodia isn’t here though we all wish she was but then cosplay still lives on here. Actually cosplay in Cebu is getting even better and better. Alodia has already inspired us to be the best we can be and I don’t think she’d like it if we give up on cosplay because that’s all her efforts down the drain. She’s worked too hard and too long for the cosplay community in the Philippines to just break down like that. Just because she’s gone it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the reign of cosplay. Aside from that there are other cosplayers as well in the cosplay industry that have a lot of talent and I don’t think they’re all giving up cosplay just cause Alodia is gone. It’s devastating to find out that Alodia will be quitting cosplay and I really wish she didn’t have to but then we all have to understand her situation. She’s growing up and moving on.

      • awesomeness says:

        why would it be useless. aren’t there any other cosplayers in the philippines? there are a lot of great ones out there that lay low.


        Cosplay is about having fun. Not about alodia and her obviously-from-plastic-surgery-or-photoshop appearance. So what if Alodia quits cosplay. You don’t have to whine about it. IF YOU GUYS REALLY LIKE HER, THEN LET HER BE WITH HER WANTS.

        I started cosplaying last 2007. I didn’t know alodia back then. I just wanted to feel what it’s like to wear a costume and place myself in the position of the character, but most of all have fun with it.

        Alodia is no godess. No one should praise her because it’s blasphemy to do so. (not saying that I’m religious.)

        I wish people could see that it wasn’t only the work of alodia that made cosplay great here in the philippines. Alodia’s image only exists when photoshop exists.

  5. O t e p says:

    ok first, bago lang ako dito and i decided to write a comment here kasi something pops on my mind. Nung una kong nakita yung vid nya, na sad ako kasi ni hindi ko pa man lang nakikita si Alodia in person. I wish na sana this year makita ko man lang siya in person, makapagpapicture and makamayan. Pero as a fan, wala naman ata tayong magagawa kung yun yung gusto nyang mangyari sa future nya? Hindi nya naman ata iiwan yung mga humahanga sa kanya? Kung yun naman yung gusto nya, isang malaking suporta na lang ang magagawa ko as a fan. Nagstart akong humanga sa kanya this few years lang when I see her cosplayed at singapore ata un? (not sure) and TV appearance on LOL. But when I saw her vid, i feel sad, kaso ayun nga, wala na naman tayong magagawa if she quits. Isang malaking palakpak at paghanga para sa kanya. Wish ko na lang sana, isang kaugaliang pinoy ang hindi nya makalimutan. “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, hindi makakarating sa paroroonan”. Bow Down to her! =)

    BTW, I like your blog about her. Dito na lang ako nagcomment nung mabasa ko sa twitter yung twit mo about her. Kasi sa FB masyaado ng crowded and hindi na masyado ma express yung messages. Thanks! =)

    • princezs05 says:

      ou nqa tama kha ..! aku nqa nkilala ko lnq this february 6, 2011 . tpoz im so sad nunq nkita ko yanq vid nha yan .. xbi ko ,” ndi ko man lnq xia nkita in personal , lqi nha lnq x pix . ndi ko man lnq xia nkita nha nkacosplay in person ” =((( peo the truth is umiyak tlqa aku nunq npanood ko yan .anq aqa ko nqa n2loq nun ee ndi nku nkakain dhil x kaiiyak .. peo natanqqap ko nha rin kxi khit nha nagquit or magkwi’quit nha xia marami pha rin unq supporters nia and im one of them pha rin .at twing ino’open ko unq public fig. nia 1, 2 , 3, or 4 thousand + pha rin unq naqla’like nq wall post nia ..!!!

      let us support her pha rin khit ndi man x pagcocosplay nia .. in her studies nha rin .. and let us make her our inspiration in our own studies nha rin . kunq anu unq nqinq success nia un aii dhil x pagsisikap nia .. WE NEED TO BE INDEPENDENT . waq ntin xbhinq ndi nha ntin makakyanq paunlarin anq cosplay prof. x phil. w/o her .. kunq anu kya nia kya rin ntin .. i believe kxi nha “lhat nq tao pantay-pantay ang kakayahan , malaki man o maliit , mahirap man o mayaman , pantay-pantay pha rin .” ..

      malaii nio marealize ni ate Alodia nha ndi nia rin kyanq iwan anq cosplay world dhil i2 unq trabaho nianq naqpapasya x kania .. di bha nqa MARIAN SAID that “unq pag-aartista aii anq trabahonq mahal nia” ..

      xguro nmn pagtpos ul8 nq studies ni ate Alodia bumalik xia x trabahonq mhal nia .. di bvah ..??

      • jejemon_hater says:

        you think you’re being cute when you type like that? it is by far the most disgusting thing ever. before you waste your time commenting on blogs like this one, educate yourself first. nagsasayang ka lang ng oras sa pag iinarte e.

        • awesomeness says:

          —–that’s a typical alodian. there are alodians much far worse than that—
          there are those who are ready to kill those who hate alodia. there are those who are ready to kill those who like alodia as well.

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