Geek and Gamer Girls

Geek babes cosplay their way through the music video for their song Geek and Gamer Girls.Click here to continue reading "Geek and Gamer Girls"...

Geek and Gamer Girls

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20 Comments (with 7 Conversations) on “Geek and Gamer Girls”
  1. Soooooo AWESOME! I want to be in the next one, if there would be one!XDXDXD Stan Lee!!! How can I apply to be in the next one??!!!!

  2. Michele Boyd says:

    Loved the article, very well researched and written. Many thanks! 🙂 No idea how those older lyrics got out, but they’re not entirely correct. The real ones are up on the interview. Ah well! 😀

  3. Great job Mike! Love the article, and appreciate the accuracy of it:) Thanks for supporting Team Unicorn…

  4. Milynn Sarley says:

    Thank you for the great article! It might make you extra proud to know i am part Filipino 🙂

  5. Mimay says:

    It’s really true that the world needs more girl gamers(the boys will surely agree hehe). I like those girls with weapons like guns and swords. Team Unicorn is such a kick ass group. Above all, they have the brains to conquer. Looking forward for them to cosplay more especially characters in the game industry.

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