Animax Introduces Anime VJs

Anime cable channel Animax Asia introduces its new VJs: the Ani-Mates.Click here to continue reading "Animax Introduces Anime VJs"...

Animax Introduces Anime VJs

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24 Comments (with 8 Conversations) on “Animax Introduces Anime VJs”
  1. Mike Abundo says:

    Animax has launched a minisite for the Ani-Mates. Check it out at

  2. Mimay says:

    Hi Mike! Great Post! Keep Posting about Cosplay 🙂

  3. OtakuJhe says:

    Anybody can cosplay. You just need money. The Gosiengfiao are loaded they can buy their cosplay materials. That is why their costumes are center of attention. Don’t say I’m wrong just look at the Singapore Cosplay event were their cosplay Witchblade. ‘nough said.

    Love 2 have janeena chan host animax!!!!

    • Mike Abundo says:

      Anybody can cosplay, but not everybody can cosplay well. Cosplay is a combination of two words: costume and roleplay. The most expensive costume in the world is worthless on a lousy performer.

      Alodia and Ashley are great cosplayers not just because of their elaborate character costumes, but because of their authentic character portrayals.

    • Mike Abundo says:

      On a side note, I wouldn’t mind Janeena joining the Ani-Mates. If her Ritsu portrayal is any indication, she’d make a pretty good cosplayer.

  4. bluedrakon says:

    I hate living here in the states – ARGH!

  5. OtakuJhe says:

    @Bluedrakon – Get a Satellite dish. Don’t worry about the scrambler you can download the code in the net.

    @Mike: Please~ Lots of cosplayers at a convention don’t roleplay. They’re just walking around in a costume. You don’t see them reenact or play the character. Talent? Yeah some ppl have them but if you think these t… Nah I don’t want to say it. But I know If a person is talented.

    Janeena Chan as Shihouin Yoruichi of Bleach!
    Peace out!!!

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