Top Cosplayers Vie for Otacool 2 Cover Spots

No one was surprised to see Filipina cosplay princess Alodia Gosiengfiao apply for inclusion on the cover of Otacool 2: Worldwide Cosplayers. What did surprise me, however, were applications from two other very famous cosplayers.Click here to continue reading "Top Cosplayers Vie for Otacool 2 Cover Spots"...

Top Cosplayers Vie for Otacool 2 Cover Spots

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26 Comments (with 5 Conversations) on “Top Cosplayers Vie for Otacool 2 Cover Spots”
  1. kevin says:

    Awesome Designs, really talented designers, gives me inspiration. Thanks for sharing

  2. Texas says:

    How cool are those costumes!

  3. They are looking awesome with those nice and cool costumes. Thanks for the post, i appreciate it.

  4. techcrite says:

    how can they get the winners just by seeing some pictures that anyone can modify with a little knowledge of Photoshop ? and yes the costumes looks good too. nice post

  5. xela2oo9 says:

    Oh, I really liked the last photo, very pretty girl!!!

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