Filipina Celeb Paloma Esmeria Cosplays Chun-Li from Street Fighter

Gaming has long outpaced movies and music in the US. Now cosplay, a hobby closely related to gaming culture, is officially mainstream in the Philippines. While hardcore otaku like Alodia Gosiengfiao will always rule the hearts of Filipino geeks with their elaborate costumes and passionate portrayals, less geeky players are now unleashing their own inner otaku.

First Kyo Ritu Art enabled anyone to become a cosplayer for a day, from costume to photoshoot. Now mainstream Filipina celebrity Paloma Esmeria cosplays Chun-Li from from the Street Fighter series of fighting games.

She won’t win any international competitions with that costume, but she sure looks like she’s having fun.

(Via Joriben Zaballa.)

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8 Comments (with 3 Conversations) on “Filipina Celeb Paloma Esmeria Cosplays Chun-Li from Street Fighter”
  1. israel borloloy saldivar says:

    Tangna mike, panalo talaga posts mo. Tama ka medyo sablay because of ethnicity pero pwede na din. Bagay si paloma sa R Mika. Cammy pwede din. Kaya naman nya e

  2. Bluzone says:

    Dammit Mike! Paloma’s pictures on the front page! HOTNESS!

    I hope this Colt 45 girl’s career will shoot to the top.


  3. Paloma says:

    thank you so much for appreciating the costume. dati ko pa trip si chun li old school. classic!! =)

  4. Anonymous says:

    hi paloma ur so great always .

  5. hidfjs says:

    wow! ang hot! ang laki!

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