Google Wave in Eight Minutes

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If you don’t have time to watch the first eighty-minute demo of Google Wave, here’s an eight-minute demo.

Yes, even the short version takes eight minutes. That’s how many new features and concepts Google Wave introduces. We’re not just looking at a new Web 2.0 service here — we’re looking at a whole new Web protocol.

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One Comment on “Google Wave in Eight Minutes”
  1. Euri says:

    I don’t think Google Wave will kill Twitter. There has been tons of micro blogging things like this that appeared, take Plurk, for example. But twitter survived. Simplicity is one thing, and community is another.

    Also, I do see the idea behind Google Wave, but I don’t really agree with it that much. I mean, it’s like a forum/IM conversation thingy. XD Oh and it’s slow and it always crashes my browser. D=

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