YouTube 3D

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YouTube 3D

Remember those funky 3D movies from the ’50’s? Well, they’re coming back on a whole new medium: YouTube!

As you probably know, Google encourages employees to spend a fifth of their time on independent projects. Google owns YouTube, so a YouTube employee named Pete is spending his 20% time developing a stereoscopic 3D YouTube player. You can select from several 3D viewing styles: from red/cyan glasses to left/right views, all of which you can select midstream without reloading the video.

Enabling 3d viewing for your stereoscopic masterpieces is simple: just add the tag yt3d:enable=true to your videos. You can see the 3D player in action on this clip.

Wonder if YouTube will roll this out to embeds. If this gains traction — and it just might, considering the simplicity of Pete’s system, the rising production values of online video, and the recent revival of 3D films — I’d consider selling 3D glasses on eBay.

(Via Liz Gannes.)

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2 Comments on “YouTube 3D”
  1. Ehud says:

    Hey Guys,

    I know of an Israeli Company named “Taatua” that has been developing such a 3D solution for real time systems.
    I have seen a few samples and the result is surprisingly really good.
    Has anyone else heard of them?? you can check their website at, not much there but contact info.


  2. Cool says:

    Cool demo!

    They also have a youtube channel:

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