Alodia Among Most Influential Filipinas

Uno Magazine has named Filipina gamer-blogger-cosplayer idol Alodia Gosiengfiao as one of the most influential women in the Philippines.Click here to continue reading "Alodia Among Most Influential Filipinas"...

Alodia Among Most Influential Filipinas

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51 Comments (with 10 Conversations) on “Alodia Among Most Influential Filipinas”
  1. unkown says:

    actually i dont feel her that she really inspired us, but i belived that some other cosplayers way back old times inspired us more than alodia did

  2. israelite borloloy saldivar says:

    Mike I love your toycon shirt!
    The man the legend! Lupet man!
    And you have smooth moves man. If you know what I mean.
    Youre not just the Blogger man your the ACTION man!

  3. angelinyou says:

    woaw! She’s in UNO Mag! So Cool! But I much prefer on other mag… I guess? well, it’s just my opinion =D But for someone to be publish in a magazine it’s still cool and a one step ahead for a career =D

    Good Luck Edj~ =3

  4. FBStudios says:

    Quite True…Unos got taste..Keep going “A” congrats. =)

  5. Anon says:

    ew. Just… ew..

    • Beauty says:

      Haha. Inggit!! Mamatay ka sa inggit!!

    • Draco says:

      You know what sucks? These supposed visible haters are usually people who pretend to be Alodia’s friends. They’re clearly jealous, just because she is beautiful, sincerely nice and even richer than them.

      Obvious na kayo! Nakakahiya kayo.

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