Google Celebrates Philippine Independence Day

Google Philippine Independence Day Logo

Google has a decade-long tradition of altering its logo to celebrate holidays. Today, June 12th, the logo on celebrates Philippine Independence Day by mimicking the colors of the Philippine flag. “This is the first-ever Google doodle for the Philippines so we wanted to make it very classic and meaningful for Filipinos,” says Jay Trinidad, Regional Product Marketing Manager, Consumer Products, Google Asia Pacific.

A company that aims to organize the world’s information must have a worldwide view of that information. As demonstrated by this tribute to a developing Southeast Asian country, Google clearly has that worldwide view.

(Via Andrew dela Serna.)

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13 Comments (with 2 Conversations) on “Google Celebrates Philippine Independence Day”
  1. aRneL_Pusong_pinoy says:

    Wow!. amazing!, thanks google, your the best search engine….you touched the hearth of every Filipino with your Logo….Thanks Arnel B. Alviz

  2. Al says:

    I love the philippines. But as I continue to grow up here in the U.S. I’m beginning to see myself NOT spending the rest of my life in the Philippines. I will visit once in a while but I decided not to live there. I use to say to myself I will spend my last days in the country but recently decided not to. I see myself spending my last days either here in the U.S. or in another asian country.

  3. siyetehan says:

    may it be that we remember independence not merely by raising the flag or displaying it or using commemorative materials that show patriotism.

    there is more to remembering independence. a lot more than that.

    • Zaido_Rest_in_Peace says:

      and that is the value of loyalty,respect and also a believer of our country 4 everything that our ancestors have been sacrificed 4.

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