Yaya Han Steampunk Cosplay

Popular cosplayer Yaya Han wore an original steampunk costume at Ohayocon 2009.Click here to continue reading "Yaya Han Steampunk Cosplay"...

Yaya Han Steampunk Cosplay

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11 Comments (with 2 Conversations) on “Yaya Han Steampunk Cosplay”
  1. Red Z says:

    I’ve met her and shes so beautiful in person, she was in our group (Japanator and Anime Matsuri people) last year at A-Kon when we went out to a buffet in Dallas. She ate a lot. lol

  2. Red Z says:

    Shes on the post pic on the left, right behind the asian guy with the glasses. I’m the other asian guy, the 4th person from the right.

  3. Nice set of pics! She’s HOT!

  4. frozentech says:

    shes hot but shes not alodia hot…

  5. Louis Dizon says:

    I was never a fan of cosplay… until now…

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