Alodia Fans Day Videos

Filipina gamer sisters Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao perform live on stage, in full costume, for Alodia Fans Day. Alodia also answers questions from fans.Click here to continue reading "Alodia Fans Day Videos"...

Alodia Fans Day Videos

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12 Comments (with 2 Conversations) on “Alodia Fans Day Videos”
  1. Richie says:

    Gosh now i hate myself for missing that..ashleys got a set of pipes..Wont miss it next time =)

  2. Louiez says:

    Whoa!! nsa youtube agad :D..

  3. Israelite Platonic Buenaluslus says:

    mike abundo, you saw alodia’s new blog entry? kawawa naman sya. And to think those were the same people na tumitira sayo.

  4. Israelite Platonic Buenaluslus says:

    cosplay mafia…. fitting.

  5. Al says:

    I wanted to go and comment in ALodia’s page after I read that. To me, as she said in the first couple of lines, the issue is extremely minimal to me that I would most likely never have noticed that bullcrap. The entire issue seems utterly insignificant as well. Maybe because I don’t fully understand it. Okay Alodia-chan is judging with less power and is only responsible for the 10% audience reaction thing. Does she need to have the other 50 and 40 percent criteria? Why not work around it by speaking your mind during the contest and not whine about it afterwards? I’m a fan of Alodia and will always be one but I thought she should have just let it go. And for minor issues such as this so-called “foul play” should be forgotten. Next time you’ll have Alodia will have her chance next time where all terms are met.

    • Mike Abundo says:

      E-games specified that give her equal judging weight. did not comply. She was promised a fair share, and she didn’t get it.

      Now put yourself in her shoes, Al. She was given the judging sheet at the last minute. She suddenly sees that it does not match what she was promised. Arguing at the judges’ table would mean scandalously stalling a twenty thousand attendee event.

      Given the circumstances, the best she could do was let the show go on despite the anomalies. The best she can do now is make sure those anomalies never come up again.

      • Al says:

        Yeah like I said next time around she will be the head honcho.

        Still, her reaction to the whole thing was still pointless. Is she the one in charge of the event? I don’t think so. But I’m glad she didn’t throw a fit and started to punch everyone in the face.

        But one thing good came out of all of this…. the fact that the lovely cosplayer accepts fair play and is fair herself. In more ways than one.

        I’ll stop ranting now. I’m just a lowly rules follower. Is there anything wrong with that?

        Mike judging by your reply, I guess you are the bigger Alodia fan. You agree with everything she does and says. I don’t. I was gonna put some Alodia “fan space” in my blog but my blog is dead.

        • Mike Abundo says:

          Is she the one in charge of the event? I don’t think so.

          You’re right, Al. She isn’t the one in charge of the event. E-games is. And E-games stipulated that she get equal judging weight. That stipulation was violated by one of the event contractors: In effect, she did not get what she was promised.

          You’re also right that this lovely cosplayer accepts fair play. In fact, she demands it. That’s what her post is all about.

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