Microsoft Laptop Ad Attacks Mac Prices

Microsoft’s latest response to the Mac switch ads features a girl looking for a laptop with a 17″ screen for under $1,000. Hint: she doesn’t get a Mac.

Ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, which also created the stereotype-busting “I’m a PC” ads, scores yet another winner with this gem. It’s brilliant on three levels.

First, it leverages the “cool” image Apple has cultivated over the years, turning it on its head and making Macheads look like vapid snobs. To quote the ad’s exasperated heroine Lauren, “I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person.”

Second, it uses hard and fast numbers to counter Apple’s cute and funny comedy sketches. Unlike Microsoft’s nebulously vague Seinfeld ads, this ad actually embraces the image of hard-nosed practicality Apple has foisted upon PC users.

Third, it comes just as we’re facing a recession. In these hard economic times, spending $1,000 on underpowered hardware just doesn’t have the elitist appeal it used to anymore. Being “cool” enough burn more money for less value suddenly just looks tasteless.

The combination of image reversal, simple facts, and precise timing makes for an ad that’s hard to counter. Apple’s response to the “I’m a PC” ads was utter hypocrisy. Let’s see how they respond to this one.

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9 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “Microsoft Laptop Ad Attacks Mac Prices”
  1. spidamang says:

    Lauren’s cute. She’s not cool enough to be a Mac person because she’s way more cooler than that.

    It’s just a computer for cryin out loud. Brand preference doesn’t make you a better person. 😀

  2. Al says:

    Hello I’m a PC and I’m too cool to spend 1000 bucks on on anything. ANd its a problem.

  3. R J says:

    But what Microsoft doesn’t tell you is that you get less machine and lots more bloatware, virus vulnerability and a buggy OS. Oh, and upgrades can be a nightmare. Now before all you Windows clowns start flaming, I know a few people who switched to Macs because of major upgrade issues with Windows machines. And these are IT people who work on these things all day and can write code in their sleep.

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