Old Media Whines About Blogs on Google

Old Media ExecWhile offline media filters always favored the rich, Google’s search algorithms don’t care how much money a website publisher makes. Faced with this newly level playing field, old media execs whine that well-linked blogs are killing them in Google SERPs. Now they’re asking Google to artificially raise their search positions, simply because they’re Big Media.

Steve Rubel points out three huge flaws in old media’s arguments:

First, the lines between media and blogs have been obliterated. What’s TechCrunch or Engadget? Sure they are blogs but they run ads. So are they social media or media? To me, we don’t have zebras and elephants anymore. They have mated and we’re all one species.

Second, corporations are now creating their own media. Some are calling this trend content marketing. Take a look at what Intel or Wal-Mart (a client) are doing. So should Google not favor their content either? I will eat my hat if that happens.

Finally, there’s no greater friend to media companies than Google and bloggers. Witness, for example how Google is partnering with Life Magazine. Google has found a way to unlock the value in old content. These media companies need Google to help it monetize in an age where digital advertising as it stands now is not working. Further, in a world where links rule, the media companies need bloggers as well for traffic, credibility and more.

To old media whiners, I say: cry moar. Stop whining about blogs placing well in SERPs. Learn to establish search authority by making your content link-worthy and blog-friendly. As reflected in Google’s PageRank algorithm, authority in online media is less about money and more about merit. Maybe if these whiners stopped trumpeting their past glories and started contributing to the global conversation, they’d get more Google juice.

(Image via Rondette.)

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8 Comments (with 4 Conversations) on “Old Media Whines About Blogs on Google”
  1. Jamez says:

    This made me laugh…. I mean OLD Media, still wants to have that “VIP” treatment on the newest Medium? if that would happen, then it would be pointless..

    Its just about time that they change and/or improve their strategies if they want to get on top, hard work IMO.

    Begging for the perk would not do anything, or else google would be one of the biggest failures that could happen.

  2. Azrael says:

    old media is the yesterday news….

  3. Romeo says:

    These people feel threatened that their way of making ads and the way they do marketing is being pushed aside by new media means. In truth, I haven’t heard of anything that new media did to corner the old media people. IMO they should just embrace new media and as what you said, there’s still value from old contents.

  4. maikeru76 says:

    Old Media is dead!…Long live Old Media! c”,

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