Danny Choo Confirmed for Alodia Fans Day

Top otaku culture blogger Danny Choo has confirmed attendance for Alodia Fans Day via Facebook.

Danny Choo Confirmed for Alodia Fans Day

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21 Comments (with 4 Conversations) on “Danny Choo Confirmed for Alodia Fans Day”
  1. Master Diwa says:

    That’s awesome! I always visit Danny’s blog!

  2. chuck says:

    wow!!!bilib na bilib na talaga ako sa OTAKU QUEEN OF THE PHILIPPINES na si ALODIA GOSIENGFIAO!!! Si DANNY CHOO dadating? WOOOOW!!!!

  3. This might be a reason for me to go to this event

  4. si yumong says:

    Pupunta lang ako para kay dannychoo!
    joke lang ..joke lang……joke lang…….joke lang

    amp makikiepal ako sa mga picture ni danny para nsa blog nya ako haahhaahhahaha

    joke lang >:D

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