Japanese Fashion Robot Hits the Runway

Ramp models may soon become obsolete. Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology designed the Human Robotics Project 4C specifically to strike a pose on the runway.

To be fair, HRP-4C still has a long way to go before putting Giselle Bundchen out of work. Her 5′ 2″ 95-lb. black-and-silver frame still can’t carry anything but the most conservative outfits. She was deliberately given an anime-style face so as not to creep people out by looking too human. The Actroids, another line of Japanese gynoids, look far more human.

HRP-4C’s forty-two motors are guided by sound recognition sensors, but she’s still taking baby steps. The sound of flashing cameras can still confuse her into mixing up her facial expressions.

HRP-4C gets her first real test when she participates in a Tokyo fashion show on March 23. At two million dollars, she’s certainly an expensive date.

The technology to replace human models is still in its early stages, but a model’s primary task is to pose exactly as she’s told. Robots are perfect for that job.

(AFP story via Joey Alarilla.)

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17 Comments (with 4 Conversations) on “Japanese Fashion Robot Hits the Runway”
  1. don’t you just love japan? japan is already in the future.

    only been to tokyo once and hope to one day visit the land of the rising sun again.


  2. Al says:

    Weapons decide the future. Japan can blow up our (america) best creations and we would have to start from scratch. Likewise, if we annihilate half of japan they will have another 50 years to get back to the future.

  3. Israelite Platonic Buenaluslus says:

    whoa mike, this makes way for robot sex dolls.. Ang saya saya noh!

  4. issai says:

    i want to see a shenlong gundam. or the death scythe will do.

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