Twenty Years of the World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee

On March 13, 1989, a software consultant named Tim Berners-Lee wrote a memo proposing a global hypertext system. He wrote the memo out of sheer frustration with existing information management practices.

Nobody took his memo seriously at the time. Eighteen months passed before Tim’s boss would let him code the system, and even then only as a side project.

That system is what we now call the World Wide Web. A mere two decades after its inception, the Web has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives, from business to healthcare to relationships.

The next time you have a crazy idea to make things better, an idea nobody’s taking seriously, remember this day.

(Photo via CNet.)

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7 Comments (with 2 Conversations) on “Twenty Years of the World Wide Web”
  1. Duke says:

    And I’ve wasted $25,000. during the past 20 years to keep my computer up to date and connect to the net….that was a waste of money…it hasn’t pawned out to be worth the expense… I work on the net everyday…its really boring… I recall the advertisements were to pay to make the net …free….as in beer….hasn’t happened…

    • Jim says:

      Well you could of invested that $25,000 in an excellent Fund = Madoff Security Investments, Inc. – The returns are phenominal!!

  2. chiro says:

    As you said is correct that web has revoultionised rapidly.

  3. Most came from weird and crazy ideas 😉

    Remember when the world (and the “universal” church) branded people a heretic for claiming that the world is round? That the Earth is the one revolving around the Sun and not the other way around?

    Heretical ideas that turned out to be true. I pity those who were ex-communicated and burned for their beliefs.

  4. O.J. says:

    I guess that would be “Sir” Tim Berners-Lee for the rest of us, after being honorarily beknighted (Knight Commander) by the Queen Elizabeth II.

  5. arpee lazaro says:

    i must say that you, of all people, has fallen victim to a lot of hypocrisy in the blogosphere. many have tried to besmirch your name and scoff at your achievements, but there are still some people who see you as a champion of new ideas and honest convictions. i am shamelessly saying that i am one of those people. do not be fazed by them, as you have admirers even among your detractors.

    minsan kasi, inggit lang yun. more power to you bro!

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