Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corp. Partners with Avon

Either some young marketing guy has trolled his bosses big time, or we’re all in for a zombie apocalypse. Avon’s new Derma-Full serum looks eerily similar to something out of Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation. Just compare the ad for Derma-Full with the trailer for Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and prepare to stock up on guns and green herbs.

(Via Jepoy Bengero.)

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10 Comments (with 3 Conversations) on “Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corp. Partners with Avon”
  1. soloista says:

    At least it’s not Pale Horse nanomachines. That’s ten times more horrifying.

  2. Romeo says:

    My God, you’re right. Either the one who made this is inspired by RE. or has a sense of humor. If it was the latter, that’s a creepy kind of humor.

  3. Al Remigio says:

    Good thing it does, Sir Mike. Heck, I’ll bust out my real chainsaw and don my costume as Dr. Salvador then cut down any zombie in my path if an outbreak from AVON does come out!

  4. Oh,my god,you beatiful n fun.

  5. Crimson 11 says:

    Heh, its time to dust and review my Zombie contingency plans and fix my crossbows.

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