Cellphones Getting Flash 10 in 2010 – Except iPhone

Hey Apple fanboys, here's another reason your oh-so-pretty iPhones suck.

Cellphones Getting Flash 10 in 2010 – Except iPhone

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17 Comments (with 6 Conversations) on “Cellphones Getting Flash 10 in 2010 – Except iPhone”
  1. Google Android for me! :p
    Waiting for the Motorolla Android release… probably next year.

  2. Romeo says:

    It’s no loss for Adobe that the iPhone can’t run Flash. They’ll just have to leave Apple start making phones that can. Do I feel sorry for Apple. That has got to be a big kick on the bullocks.

    • Mike Abundo says:

      I don’t feel sorry for Apple. Based on Adobe’s statement, it seems Apple is to blame for the iPhone’s lack of Flash.

      I do feel sorry for Apple users. The sane ones will be left without Flash. The crazy ones will be deluded enough to actually diss Flash.

      • Romeo says:

        That should not happen. Flash contributed so much to how interactive content should be. And it’s making big money and popularity. This sounds funny but Apple should try using Silverlight. LOL.

  3. danny says:

    theres an add for that haha thats what iphone gets for being greedy with stuff haa!

  4. Trevor Bryant says:

    Um great photo. Ahhh – Another iPhone hater. It’s very easy to write a biased opinion, and it is simple to leave out underlining facts. The funny thing however is that photo you have used is so old and incorrect, yet two years on you still believe it to be true? Ignorance? Perhaps…

    The fact that Allowing Flash — which is a development platform of its own — would just be too dangerous for Apple, a company that exerts total dominance over its hardware and the software that runs on it. Flash has evolved from being a mere animation player into a multimedia platform capable of running applications of its own. That means Flash would open a new door for application developers to get their software onto the iPhone: Just code them in Flash and put them on a web page. In so doing, Flash would divert business from the App Store, as well as enable publishers to distribute music, videos and movies that could compete with the iTunes Store.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see a way that some form of flash player could come to the iPhone legitimately, but leaving out the point that flash being able to be implemented in a way that doesn’t violate the Terms of Service thus making it virtually impossible is another thing.

    Now all this brings me to the final point – The reason most people actually like Apple products and as strange as it may seem, is for the simple fact that things are restricted thrus allowing for a sturdy and solid working platform. For those that don’t want that security, they can jailbreak it and install a whole bunch of things – Yes including flash – But now that your phone is no longer protected, you’ve now opened yourself to the probability of turning your phone into a brick. So why again is the iPhone a bad product? Because it protects it’s profits and in turn provides a safe guard for its users? To me it sounds like good customers service…. If your only concern is it doesn’t have flash – Jailbreak it – The thing is, there is a choice – It’s yours to make……….. Choose.

    • Mike Abundo says:

      If your only concern is it doesn’t have flash – Jailbreak it – The thing is, there is a choice…

      Yes, there is a choice: buy another phone. 😉

      • Trevor Bryant says:

        Interesting rebuttal, it provides as much depth as your article did in the fist place. I was actually unsure if your attempt at wit deserved a response but thought why let the opportunity pass without once again pointing out that your only real argument is your obvious dislike to Apple.

        Without ever gaining any real substance or fact within this article I actually wonder why I even read past the opening statement.

        So who is the actually fan boy here???

        I can tell you after serving a long time researching and following technological trends for many years that my opinions are not brand orientated but rather measured in fact – Like I originally said “its simple to write a bias opinion” try laying the cards on the table next time…

        After carefully considering this response I shall not endeavor to bother here again as it seems your careless opinions and points of view have no backbone.

        Why I bothered, I do not know………

  5. Trevor Bryant says:

    I’m glad you confirmed my views. Enjoy your day.

    • Mike Abundo says:

      Your view is a false dilemma: either jailbreak your iPhone to get Flash, or not. Your view ignores a third choice: get another phone.

      • Trevor Bryant says:

        You’re article….. I guess you would call it???? Already mentioned that bias “view” so I added what your biased opinions lacked… Knowledge.
        You’re in over your head. You knew your intended target and you achieved nothing more than egg on your face.

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