EFF Seeks YouTube Warner Music Victims

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Warner Music Group used to be smart. They used to take in ad revenue share whenever people used their music on YouTube, through YouTube’s content ID system.

Apparently, Warner Music got greedy. That’s why negotiations between them and YouTube collapsed. That’s why they’ve been issuing indiscriminate DMCA takedown notices for any YouTube video with any hint of Warner Music content in it, regardless of fair use. Any video that doesn’t get taken down gets muted.

If your video fell victim to Warner’s petty vengeance against YouTube, the Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to help. Check out their statement on this fair use massacre.

As for me, I’ll think twice before listening to Warner music. DMCA takedown notices require sworn statements. If they’re issuing takedown notices regardless of fair use, then they are guilty of multiple counts of perjury. I do not patronize vengeful liars.

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2 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “EFF Seeks YouTube Warner Music Victims”
  1. Cute Asian Girls says:

    Youtube might as well just close down and just become a corporate MTV like place with only corporate approved videos. Of course, all their viewers (and ad revenue) will leave too. Dilemma dilemma.

    • Mike Abundo says:

      Google is preparing for a Long Tail creative exodus by rolling out video thumbnails in SERPs and AdSense for Video. Both those features were previously reserved for YouTube videos only. It’s as if YouTube is a testbed for services they plan to roll out for videos throughout the Web.

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