Philippines to Require License to Post Content

I’m attending a hearing tomorrow on a proposal by the Philippines’ National Telecommunications Commission that will require licenses for online content developers. Yes, you read that right. The Philippine government wants to require licenses for people to create and post content online. Under the proposal’s extremely broad definition of a content developer, you would need […]

Philippines to Require License to Post Content

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132 Comments (with 28 Conversations) on “Philippines to Require License to Post Content”
  1. elvira says:

    Hello! First, I am quite disappointed with this news. Since when did they thought of that? What is their purpose for doing that? I believe that we have the right to post any contents online, it’s part of our freedom of expression. I know that we, especially bloggers and internet people, have the same sentiments regarding this issue. I hope that this license thinggy will not push through.

    By the way, I cannot access the link on the proposal. I wonder why.

    I will support this campaign against the license thing. I will also try to post an entry about that in my blog, to spread the word and get others informed.

    • asura says:

      well,the reasoning of mr. cabarios why free blogs and things like that are exemption to that law because our blogs and like are protected by the constitution so he did not bother stating it and can’t be touched by that law in short if your interpretation is like that of in this blog that law is unconstitutional.

  2. asura says:

    but i think the law should be detailed in mentioning the targets of the law to prevent misunderstandings from people who are not knowledgeable of the constitution,not everyone knows about it only a small fraction of the population does.

  3. Romeo says:

    Jesus H. Christ. So the government wants to make money out of people who post stuff on the web. Since when did our government start being cops on the web? Clearly, they don’t have the first thing of what they say “online content”.

    “What are they going to do, require five million Filipino Friendster users to get a license before posting pictures?”

    Ditto. Don’t forget about the hundreds of thousands of pictures and videos people posted on Multiply.

    • Mike Abundo says:

      Five million Filipino Friendsters, three million Filipino Multipliers, two hundred fifty thousand Filipino Facebookers, sixty thousand Filipino Livejournalists, fifty seven thousand Filipino Plurkers, et cetera.

      That’s a lot of license fees.

      • asura says:

        if that’s the case then the law will include all even those without an internet connection.

        including all who uses a telephone,cellphone and people who uses bank to store their money and even people who pay waterbills

      • soloista says:

        That’s FIVE BILLION pesos from the numbers of online content posters.

        Five billion for SUVs, trips to Europe, and a yacht…

    • asura says:

      That’s why we have the constitution that will protect us from such laws like that because of the exemption it makes like the one that require cd/dvd burners to have license,that is why we should discourage charter change that might make that kind of laws more draconian.

      in short we should protect our constitution more if such law is passed.

      • Mike Abundo says:

        We should protect our Constitution by opposing unconstitutional regulations.

        • asura says:

          mr. cabarios did not mention us in the draft because what we are doing is protected by the constitiution so the law can’t touch us even if we are included in the definition the same thing happened on the law about CD/DVD burners we are in the definition but are exempted from that,yes the law is identical to that of the CD/DVD regulation by OMB.

          Honestly those kind of laws are confusing to the majority because the majority does not even know the constitution,law makers seem to forget that.

  4. mickey says:

    I find the threading of your comments section rather confusing, mike.

  5. soloista says:

    Made a mistake in my math.

    The NTC stands to reap 52 BILLION pesos a year from this sort of policy.

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