Philippines to Require License to Post Content

I’m attending a hearing tomorrow on a proposal by the Philippines’ National Telecommunications Commission that will require licenses for online content developers. Yes, you read that right. The Philippine government wants to require licenses for people to create and post content online. Under the proposal’s extremely broad definition of a content developer, you would need […]

Philippines to Require License to Post Content

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132 Comments (with 28 Conversations) on “Philippines to Require License to Post Content”
  1. Alfred Remigio says:

    What time po, Sir Mike?

  2. jepoy says:

    Time to move to China… :~)

  3. Aaron says:

    I really hope this proposal will be put in the trash bin ASAP.

    If this gets approved, (ok, I’m kinda exaggerating now) this might do grave damage to the IT market.

  4. Kamen Rider Honou says:

    Another stupid idea. We really have great thinkers in the Philippines, Sir Mike.

    Great thinkers who use their feet to think, that is.

  5. Younanimous says:

    Is this related to this article?

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