Magazines are Doomed

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Print magazines are doomed. Soon all publications will move online. As with all media trends of late, this one starts with the geekiest information technology publications and rapidly cascades to more mainstream spaces. PC Magazine, an icon of IT journalism, started the trend in November. Now Electronic Gaming Monthly, an icon of gaming journalism, shuts […]Click here to continue reading "Magazines are Doomed"...

Magazines are Doomed

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24 Comments (with 7 Conversations) on “Magazines are Doomed”
  1. Red Z says:

    Im so very upset right now about this (which is evident on my twitter), on how UGO killed off EGM and stripped 1UP network of its soul and is wearing its skin like Buffalo Bill.

  2. Mike says:

    And to think that UGO is the industry’s biggest sellout. Next to IGN of course. I shudder to think how this would affect 1UP’s editorial integrity.

  3. s3KshUn 8 says:

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  4. mickey says:

    What will I read at the dentist/barbershop now? T_____________T

  5. Anonymous says:

    🙁 hirap magbasa sa banyo 🙁

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