Internet Poser Poster Fail

This poster outside an Internet cafe promotes Ka-Blog, a TV show from Philippine network GMA talking about teens online. It’s supposed to look like a browser window, but the illusion breaks down laughably once you look closely at the browser chrome. Notice two glaring errors: The title: Not only does the page title show the […]

Internet Poser Poster Fail

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51 Comments (with 14 Conversations) on “Internet Poser Poster Fail”
  1. reyna elena says:

    off topic na muna: from the frigid place where i am, here’s wishing you and all your readers a very merry christmas! enjoy the holidays and thanks to tracy, di ba? hahaha!

  2. dustin says:

    nevermind that the whole thing IS failure

    • Mike Abundo says:

      I haven’t actually seen the thing. Thanks to your review, I never will. 🙂

      • All this time I thought you are aware of the show and just ignored it :p I think it’s been running for 3 to 6 months already.

        IMO, it isn’t related to blogging at all. It is more about teens, the youth… you know… “Y Speak” :p Hmm… is it about blogging now? Haven’t watched in a long time, I’d rather watch Channel News Asia’s :p the original 😉 “BlogTV”.

  3. Herublogger says:

    Merry christmas for you

  4. Tyrone says:

    Since i work in GMA – QTV, I’m friends with some of the people behind the program… apparently, there’s a different department handling those kind of promotions. Very very sad.

    • Mike Abundo says:

      Looks like GMA-QTV needs to work on its internal coordination.

      Your friends at Ka-Blog should also update their blog. They haven’t posted since October. How can they presume to tell kids what to do in the blogosphere, when they themselves rarely blog?

      • s3KshUn 8 says:

        +|-|@+ J|_|$+ $|-|0\/\/$ 9|\/|@’s “@|2+1$+$'” (@p@|31|_1+13$. P|=|=+, 1|= +|-|3`/ |)0|\|’+ 3\/3|\| |_|P|)@+3 +#31|2 0\/\/|\| |3|_09. +|-|3`/ $|-|0(_)|_|) 93+ P30P|_3 \/\/|-|0 @|23 |23@|_|_`/ @(+1\/3 1|\| +|-|3 |3|_090$p|-|3|23.


      • Tyrone says:

        GMA isn’t exactly a station that loves the internet/tech. You might be surprised once you get inside. 😀 And the problem is far beyond “coordination.”

        There are too many boo-boos everytime they try to make Internet-related stories or shows for that matter.

        As for the blog, I’m more concerned with the theme that they used on their blog. Lucky Justin lol.

  5. ia says:

    Please feature bash the Upload 2008 ABS-CBN special next? K thx.

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