Internet Poser Poster Fail

Ka-Blog Poster

This poster outside an Internet cafe promotes Ka-Blog, a TV show from Philippine network GMA talking about teens online. It’s supposed to look like a browser window, but the illusion breaks down laughably once you look closely at the browser chrome.

Ka-Blog Errors

Notice two glaring errors:

  1. The title: Not only does the page title show the wrong URL, it shows an impossible URL. You can’t put an exclamation point in a domain name.
  2. The toolbar: JPEG is a filename extension, not a domain name extension. Anyone with a cameraphone knows that.

Most Filipino marketers still dismiss the Internet as a childish fad. They would gloss over these glaring errors as nothing more than geeky minutiae. To anyone who’s ever actually gone online, however, these errors make GMA look like a bunch of posers trying to act hip to this Internet thing — and failing miserably.

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51 Comments (with 14 Conversations) on “Internet Poser Poster Fail”
  1. O.J. says:

    I totally agree with this post, AND ANY OTHER BADLY EDITED MEDIA! I mean, if anybody (that goes for everybody) has to use a technical acronym, jargon, specification or protocol, it should be done properly. You can’t expect the Filipino youth (even toddlers and pre-schoolers) to be better educated if the media they’re exposed to have too much lexical, trivial, or technical errors. Writers and editors from big broadcasting companies shouldn’t get away with this just because they have their “name” to support them. If Bush can get the shoe, maybe GMA needs one to be thrown at them too, just so they can keep their heads up.

  2. Do you have a 1337 translator or something? Sadly I’m not an elite, I can’t read “s3KshUn 8″‘s posts T_T


  3. DTA says:

    I wanna laugh at the two stations right now for trying to beat themselves up as to who’s on the No. 1 spot, one for trying to be cool with that poster (yeah, looks real lame, like it’s out of a Disney channel teenybopper program), and the other redflagging Youtube vids (of their TV shows) and then leeching other Youtube vids to show on-air. Minus -100 IQ points.

    TV5 had them running.

  4. Aaron says:

    It simply gave the impression that people who like anime or ‘otaku’ are weird.

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