Nokia Patent Reveals Widescreen Swivel Phone

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Nokia Swivel Widescreen Phone

A new Nokia patent introduces a new form factor for their mobile phones: a widescreen swivel handset. In its default mode, the design looks just like a Nokia E71. Swivel out the rest of the screen from behind the full keyboard, however, and you get a T-shaped widescreen unit. You can use the default mode for simple texting and calling, then transform the phone into widescreen mode for multimedia and browsing.

Think of this design as an inverse Nokia N97. Whereas the N97 features a full keyboard that slides under a big screen, this new design features a big screen that swivels under a full keyboard. Believe it or not, some people actually use their cellphones more for calling and texting than watching and surfing. Those people would appreciate having the full keyboard, not the big screen, as the first thing at their fingertips.

The iPhone’s selling point is its one-size-fits-all simplicity. As demonstrated by this patent, the N97, and their rumored touchscreen-only handset, Nokia could respond through suits-your-style diversity.

(Via Chris Ziegler.)

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